Simple, homemade and very cute Easter bunny makeup for children

Simple, homemade and very cute Easter bunny makeup for children

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In our site we love the Easter bunny. He is so funny and cute! Therefore, there is no better way to celebrate Easter than by dressing up as this character. Would you know how to make a nice and tender homemade easter bunny makeup for your children? There is no need to complicate! Look at this simple (but attractive) model that we have prepared. Follow the step by step of this fantasy makeup and it will not be difficult for you to paint on children's faces!

Important note before you start: remember to always use paints that are suitable for the skin and, if possible, that are hypoallergenic. In this way, you will avoid problems.


  • Blue and white 'water' face paints
  • Brush
  • Makeup swab
  • Black and brown eye pencil
  • Rabbit ears headband
  • Flower necklace

1. To start with this children's Easter bunny makeup, you have to use blue face paint. We have used 'water' paints, but you can use the type of paint that you like best. We recommend that they are face paints for costumes.

2. To start shaping the bunny's eyes, draw two arches above the eyebrows. Follow the natural arch of the eyebrows, to make it easier for you and the result is better.

3. Next, use the white face paint. Go over the outline of the two blue arches that you just painted making a thick line, so that the eyebrows are on the inside.

4. The time has come to highlight eyes with black eyeliner. Paint the line of the upper and lower eyelids, and use the white face paint again to trace an arch under each eye. This time you can be guided by the natural line of the lower eyelid.

5. Add a touch of color at the bottom of the arches that you just painted with a few strokes of blue paint.

6. Now is the time to paint the rabbit's muzzle! Did you know that his funny nose and the movement of his whiskers are the most representative part of his body next to his ears? Go back to using the white face paint, and apply with a sponge under the nose, completely covering the upper lip of the mouth. Thanks to these sponges, you will get it to look better, a little more blurred.

7. Use the black pencil again to draw several dots on the 'mustache'. We are about to finish!

8. You only need paint some rabbit whiskers with the brown eyeliner and two teeth on the lower lip of the mouth. Remember to add a touch of color to the tip of the nose with the brown eyeliner. What do you think of the result? Your children will surely have turned into a cute bunny before putting their ears on them.

9. And now yes! It's time to put your ears on ... Great! But to get a 100% Easter effect, you can put a nice and colorful flower necklace!

The rabbit is, along with the eggs, the most recognizable and widespread symbols of Easter. The origin of both are not entirely clear, however, everything seems to indicate that the rabbit, which represents fertility, is associated with the Easter goddess of pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon culture. In spring, festivals were held in his honor in which the rabbit had a prominent participation.

For your children to enjoy the tradition during these days, below we propose different crafts and activities related to the cute Easter bunny. You will have a great time!

1. Story about the Easter bunny
We propose a beautiful story that tells the legend of the Easter rabbit. Do you know her? Every year you can remember it to celebrate these dates with knowledge of the facts.

2. Origami Easter Bunny
How do you get Origami? Did you know that you can create origami Easter bunnies? Although they seem complicated to do, if you carefully follow the step by step that we propose, it will not be so complicated.

3. Prepare chocolate eggs
To make your Easter even sweeter, you have to prepare some delicious chocolate eggs. Let your imagination fly and decorate them as you like the most. This is the simplest recipe to prepare them.

4. Bunnies made with spoons
There are several rabbit crafts that you can think of to enjoy Easter as a family. An example of this are these spoons turned into cute Easter rabbits. How funny!

Happy Easter and Happy Easter!

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