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The month in which to get pregnant so that your baby is born in July

The month in which to get pregnant so that your baby is born in July

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In we know that pregnancy is thought from the heart but also from the reason, that is, many things must be taken into account when deciding to be one of the family. That is why we are going to help you schedule the birth of your child in a specific month. In this case we are going to see it with the month of July, When should you get pregnant if you want to give birth in July? Let's see it!

There are many and very different things to take into account when it comes to conceiving, surely you have already realized it. It is precisely for this reason that you should have as much information as possible and organize everything in time to be calm and enjoy the experience to the fullest, don't you think? Check out these tips that will surely be of great use to you.

You look up and down the calendar, think dates and plan your pregnancy based on work, that trip you were going to do and a lot more variables to take into account, and this is how you discover that you would like to have your baby in July. Well, you have to know that you must stay in state in October, in this way, you count nine months ahead and Your dream of giving birth in July will come true.

Let's now look at three calculators that will help you plan this and monitor your pregnancy. You will use the first one if you would like your baby to be a boy, the second if you want to be a mother to a girl and with the third you will be able to know the approximate date of delivery, what an illusion!

1. Ovulation calculator to get pregnant with a boy
If you would like to give birth to a baby boy in July, you should know that there is a very simple way to make it come true. Check out this ovulation calculator to get pregnant with a man, you will see that it is enough to calculate the fertile days well taking into account the survival capacity of the male Y sperm.

The probability of achieving favorable results is approximately 75%, as long as there are no other factors that can alter the result, such as a vaginal pH that is too acidic. When to have sex to get pregnant with a man? The norm tells us that it is convenient to have intercourse the same day of ovulation or 24 hours before.

2. Ovulation calculator to get pregnant with a girl
What if they told you that there is a way to conceive to give birth to a girl? You sure think it's worth a try. It is very simple, with the help of this ovulation calculator you will have it clear the first time.

If your dream is to conceive a girl, it is best to schedule sexual intercourse 5 to 3 days before ovulation or fertile days, so that the X (female) sperm that have survived the Y (male) sperm they can finish their journey to the egg and fertilize it. Enter in this calculator the first day of your last menstruation and you will have the exact date.

3. Due date calculator
We know that it will be in July when you can finally hold your baby, but why can't you stop thinking about the day you are going to give birth? Check out this calculator and you will know when your little one will be born. Enter the first day of your last menstruation and you will know the day when you will see your baby's face.

In addition to the probable date of delivery, you will also know the date of conception, when you will be able to hear its first heartbeats, the date of its first movements and the specific week of pregnancy you are in. Surely you are looking forward to answering all these questions. Ahead!

When the month of July arrives you will hear hundreds of times the phrase congratulations mom! And no wonder, your dream has come true. Take care of your newborn with a lot of love and following the guidelines that the doctor tells you. The best thing is that a few months before you give birth have everything ready to avoid last minute stress, the bag with what you need to spend a few days in the hospital, your newborn clothes, the furniture in the room, the car to go for a walk ...

Don't forget to take care of yourself and tell your loved ones how you feel. If you see yourself more down than usual and without any illusion, discuss it with your doctor, many moms suffer from postpartum depression. It is not necessary to be alarmed, it is a stage that is overcome but it is convenient to talk about it instead of keeping it to yourself to find the best possible solution. Find a little while to think about you or do some activity that you like, Even if it is only from time to time, it will be of great help to you and, of course, lean on your partner for everything you need, teamwork always works out better.

If your baby was born by cesarean section, you will see that it is not easy to recover, even less in the first days when the stitches are fresh and you feel very sore. Here are some tips to help you wear it as well as possible:

- Take things easy, everything will return to its place but with time.

- Take care of the scar and the stitches as your doctor has indicated.

- Go to scheduled reviews Talk to the midwife and tell her if you notice something strange or are more uncomfortable than usual.

- Follow a healthy and balanced diet rich in fiber so you don't have to go to the bathroom.

- Do not gain weight or exercise for the first few weeks.

- Ask for help from yours even if it is to change the baby or take a shower.

- Wear loose clothingYou can even wear the pre-mom you used in pregnancy.

Welcome mom!

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