First Communion

First communion: princes and princesses for a day

First communion: princes and princesses for a day

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In many countries, as is the case in Spain, it is in the middle of spring when boys and girls celebrate their first communion. Once again, parents will spend a fortune to celebrate the First Communion of our children. A very special day, in which all the boys and girls will feel like the protagonists of a unique event in their lives.

Despite the fact that some voices are raised claiming that the religious essence has been lost, that children live that day as a party and not as a moment of confirmation of their Faith, the First Communion has become a very profitable business that feeds to hoteliers, shoe stores, bookstores, stationery stores, clothing stores, jewelers, hairdressers and photographers ...

He Average cost of a First Communion in Spain is around 2,300 euros, budget invested in the boy or girl's suit and dress, shoes and accessories, parents 'and siblings' clothing and footwear, the treat, reminders, hairdressing, photos and gifts.

A fact that is at least surprising from this study is that 1 in 4 parents is not satisfied with the photographic report. Is the standard model obsolete? Perhaps we are tired of seeing the boy or the girl with their hands together, close to their chest and their gaze downcast as if they had not broken a plate in their life.

We may not like the pose that the photographers make the child adopt next to the altar, which detracts from the fortune that the suit or accessories have cost us, or the excessive solemnity and seriousness that children manifest in all the images because there are some who Despite being one of the most anticipated days of their lives, they do not smile at any or the candor with which photographers seek to capture the snapshot, which does not reflect who the child really is.

But what happens next with this memory that is so expensive? It is stored in the most hidden corner of the living room furniture and when parents want to take it out to show it to their grandmother, one or two years later, children usually run to their room to avoid the blush and embarrassment they go through when they see themselves dressed like this. and with that good-looking little face.

Do you know any new and original ideas in the field of First Communion photographs? Were you satisfied with the photo album that they made for your children? And do they like to see themselves in those photographs?

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