Children's motivation is vital in the classroom, but how is it achieved?

Children's motivation is vital in the classroom, but how is it achieved?

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A vital element for learning is children's motivation in the classroom; wanting to learn. During basic education, the role of the teacher is very important within the school, but outside it, the role of the parents is also fundamental. What can teachers and parents do to keep students motivated?

Motivation is a process that usually comes from within, when the person wants to learn something for a specific reason or reason. In children, who usually do not know why they have to learn certain things or who have to study subjects that they do not like or are interested in, the role of the teacher or teacher in the classroom is crucial.

Just like me I'm sure you also remember a teacher that made you love his subject, even if it was not one of your "favorites". He did this because he motivated us, placed us at the center of the learning process and made us like to learn and discover new things.

But for the teacher or the teacher to motivate their students must be motivated enoughYou have to trust your students, their abilities, and have good expectations for each and every student in your class.

There are some aspects that we cannot lose sight of if we dedicate ourselves to the wonderful work of teaching others.

1. Each student is unique
No two students are the same, so we cannot use a single method for all. Inside the classroom there are different learning styles, different personalities, different emotionalities ... And we must try to give each student what they need, or at least allow them to learn in their own way. You have to adapt to the student. And this is what education or attention to diversity is based on as an educational principle.

2. Give the student the place he deserves
Placing the student at the center of the learning process, and not turning them into mere recipients of content.

3. Encourage hands-on learning
Facilitate learning by doing, or learning by discovery. That is, generating the student's curiosity and the need to learn. Ask him a question for which he has no answer, and let the student look for it.

4. Teach the child to learn
Promote "learning to learn". Help students to discover how they learn, to reflect on their own learning process, on their strategies, to discover their strengths, etc.

5. Believe in students
Believe and trust in the abilities and talents of students.

6. Come up with creative activities
It is important to encourage and develop the creativity of students.

7. And most importantly!
Never forget that without emotion there is no learning.

In short, it is about breaking with the "traditional" teaching model that places the student in the background as a mere receiver of content that he has to memorize to present in an exam, and give equal importance to the one who teaches and the one who learns.

As we anticipated at the beginning, not only is the teacher important when we talk about student motivation. The role of parents in the home is also very important. And the thing is that, although children spend many hours at school, they also need us to continue working on their motivation at home.

For this reason, these are some of the tips that you should follow so that your children always want to acquire new knowledge.

- Parents must show ourselves interested in their work at school. It is worth asking them how school has gone, what they have learned, how they have felt, what they like best ...

- We mustlook at the effort and not only in the results. Sometimes we are so obsessed with getting them good grades that we forget the effort they put into getting results.

- We are their example, so parents must teach them that we are also interested in learning new things.

- We can raise family activities that encourage learningr, to experiment and discover new things ...

All this will make it easier for our children to develop their "talents" avoiding that all the attention is focused only on the purely academic.

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