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Get pregnant in April. What will the pregnancy and delivery be like?

Get pregnant in April. What will the pregnancy and delivery be like?

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Do you think there is a more suitable month than another for To get pregnant? There are many women who try to find out in order to plan the pregnancy but, if you think about it, there is always something good and something not so good about starting the pregnancy in any season of the year.

So in our site We advise you to plan it based on your desire to be parents and your job and financial stability. But since we know that this is not enough for you, we are also going to give you the answer to all these doubts that haunt your mind. What is it like to get pregnant in April? Given that the approximate due date is January, we ask ourselves: what does it mean to start the year with a newborn? Let's see it!

Spring arrives in April and also the rains, so it is a perfect month for your pregnancy to begin, since, in addition, you are facing good weather. Let's see a little more in detail what the pregnancy will be like quarter by quarter and how everything will go ahead of delivery in January.

1. The first trimester of pregnancy will be from April to June

You will spend the first stage of your pregnancy in spring, just at the gates of summer. Sounds good right? And the good weather is very encouraging and invites you to take long walks around the city or in the countryside. The nausea and typical discomforts of these months can make things more complicated ... To alleviate it a bit, try to eat five meals a day not very copious, drink a lot of water and eat a variety of foods including fiber, seasonal fruit , vegetables, legumes, fish and lean meats. All well washed and cooked to avoid toxoplasmosis!

From the beginning of spring until the end of summer, put on quality sunscreen to prevent stains from getting on your skin and also apply moisturizer to your face and body at night.

2. The second trimester of pregnancy will go from July to September

The heat in full swing and your belly that is already showing. High temperatures are noticeable and make you more irritable and tired. You just have to see it on the good side and take advantage of any opportunity you have to refresh yourself. When the heat starts to drop, you will enter the final stretch of pregnancy, great!

It is advisable that you do some gentle exercise such as walking or Pilates, without sudden movements and resting whenever you need it. If you feel discomfort in the abdomen, especially near the pubis, you should know that it is normal and that it is due to the uterine ligaments stretching as the baby develops.

3. The third trimester of pregnancy will be from October to December

The final stretch of your pregnancy has finally arrived and it does so on cold days, protect yourself to avoid colds and flu and take care of your diet as you have done in the previous stages. The delivery is approaching and Christmas is approaching, so it is an excellent time to think of you, to let yourself be pampered and to prepare little by little all the things that you will need when the little one arrives.

It is common at this stage for the belly to weigh more and more, for the back to suffer and for the feet to swell due to fluid retention. Put your feet up every now and then, change your posture, and place a pillow between your legs when you go to sleep. Little things like this go a long way.

Congratulations! You are now ready to give birth to your child! Your baby has already grown all he had to do inside of you and is ready for you to hug and cuddle him. Can you imagine that the day of the Magi arrives, on January 6? It will be the most special gift you have ever received. Whatever the day of the month, the good news is that the Christmas festivities have already passed and you will be able to be a little calmer.

How do I know if the delivery has arrived? Just listen to your body and don't get carried away by nerves. If you notice that you are leaking fluid, like urine is leaking, it means that you have broken the bag. If you notice strong regular contractions is that the dilation begins. In either case you will have to take your things and go to the hospital. Labor has begun! If this is not your case and your little one still does not want to go out, the doctors can choose to schedule the delivery, especially if you are already past week 40. Just think that you are in good hands and that everything will be fine.

What does it mean to start the year with your child in your arms? Well, a lot of love, joy, peace and happiness. You are going to go into motherhood, the most wonderful experience that exists so enjoy it to the fullest, lean on yours and hug your baby at all times to give him security and affection, skin-to-skin contact is essential especially in newborns.

And it goes without saying that from now on January will be the most beautiful month for you!

Many fathers and mothers dream of having a baby boy ... Others, however, prefer a girl. But, can we choose the sex of our baby? At the moment, there is no way to be 100% sure that you have the boy or girl you want, however, using our conception calculators you will have a better chance of achieving it.

- Calculator to have a girl
To have the best chance of getting pregnant with a girl, you should have sex between 5 and 3 days before ovulation. In this way, the X sperm, which are slower but more durable, will be the ones that survive until the moment when the woman is most fertile. Use this calculator to know when to schedule relationships.

- Calculator to get pregnant with a boy
However, if what you are looking for is a boy, you should have intercourse 24 hours before or after ovulation. As the Y sperm (those of the man) are faster, they will arrive before the X and, therefore, the chances of having a male increase. This calculator will help you to achieve it.

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