32 enjoyable short dictations for sixth graders

32 enjoyable short dictations for sixth graders

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Sixth grade students close the third cycle of primary school, at 11 and 12 years old, and prepare for the start of the next one, so they must know well all the spelling rules as well as have a correct spelling. That is why we have made a compilation with some short dictations for sixth graders that you can read to your students throughout the course. They will allow them to reinforce and revise the spelling of previous courses and learn new rules.

With dictations like these, sixth grade boys and girls will learn the words that are written with double “c”, those ending in 'd' and 'z' and how hiatuses, diphthongs and triphthongs are formed, among other things. Remember that these exercises should be done slowly so that they can be understood well and that two or three a day will be enough. We started!

Words that are written with a double 'c' are usually the pending subject for boys and girls in the last year of primary school. To solve all doubts, it will be enough to do dictation exercises like the ones we show you here:

1 The soccer team had said that their coach was the best of all. No wonder they won every game!

2 The teacher's satisfaction in knowing that she had done all the translation well was great.

3 He knew the lesson very well, but since he did not take the dictionary with him, he could not do all the exercises.

4 I already have the entire collection of stickers ready for action, and you?

Knowing well and without any doubt if a word ends in 'z' or in 'd' is just a matter of practice. For this reason, we put at your disposal these varied and fun dictations.

5 There is a partridge in town who likes to paint on the wall of that boy's house.

6 The other day I went to the theater to see a musical, the actress wore a mask with which she covered her face.

7 My friend Beatriz told me that she has everything ready for her trip to Madrid. But now he doesn't know whether to go to Valladolid, he loves this city!

As in the previous case, learning to use these letters well is only a matter of time, to make it a little easier for sixth grade students, we have these dictation exercises.

8 Next Sunday we are going to meet all the friends in the Plaza de la Cebada to play Parcheesi, do you dare?

9 There were five cicadas on the lawn, singing every five minutes.

10 The shoemaker puts his match in his pocket and prepares to have a delicious dinner at eleven o'clock with his dear friend the zebra.

In previous courses, students have already seen which words are accented and why. It is time to review and continue delving into the use of hyphens within a text. Try reading these short dictations to them!

11 Pay attention that the story I'm going to tell you. How interesting is very interesting!

- When I grow up I want to be a pilot! -said Paco.

- Why? asked his friend Adrián.

- Well, to be able to travel as much as you want and discover places where no one has ever been.

And that was how the illusion of a little boy to travel the whole world began.

12 It is not easy to hide a lion under a sofa, especially since they are very big and spend many hours sleeping, so I said to my sister:

- Can you lift the couch when I say three?

"I don't think your idea will work," she replied.

- What do you think if we better hide the lion in the bathtub? -I said.

- Yes! Surely mom and dad never find it.

We got down to work getting the lion up the stairs before our parents returned, but just then ...

It is at the end of the second cycle of primary school when students must be clear about the appropriate way to train diphthongs, triphthongs and hiatuses, for this, nothing like doing these exercises.

Diphthong It occurs when two different vowels join in the same syllable. As it happens in these dictations:

13 I hear the fire so I take out my umbrella and use my comb.

14 The queen's beret is in the cage with the loud tale.

15 Laura and her sister Paula go home together after school.

Tripthong it occurs with the union of vowels in a trio giving rise to a single syllable, an open vowel between two closed ones.

16 Don't laugh since Uruguay is going to win the match.

17 If you change your strategy, the ox will arrive home on time.

18 You copy this, instead, find out what the problem says.

Hiatus It occurs when the characteristics of a word force to separate a diphthong or tripthong into different syllables.

19 I ran with the desire to find the Pio bird, but it had escaped into the forest and there was no way to see it anywhere.

20 When it's recess time, I take the opportunity to have a very cold soda. It is really hot in the summer!

21 The hero Saúl smiles at his Uncle Agapito who lives in Jaén behind the blue line.

We continue with the short dictations for boys and girls in sixth grade doing a review of the use of the 'v'in certain words.

22 Pablo lived in a forest next to a very large avenue. One day, when he was returning home, a cunning slug came across him and said: 'What's new, neighbor? I'd like to invite you to my house for tea. ' But since Pablo was very intelligent, he did not trust the intentions of the brave lion.

23 He avoided going down Eighth Avenue, so he went around carefully evaluating the best way to get back to his grandmother's house.

The rule of the diacritical mark says that the personal pronouns you, he and me carry an accent that gives them a distinctive value. Here you have reinforcement material for your sixth grade students.

24 You want to go to the park, he wants to go for a bike ride and I really don't care. I like both plans!

25 If you need help with your math homework tell me, I'll be happy to answer your questions. You already know that he is very busy these days and cannot sit with you to do the exercises.

26 Between you and me, what he says about going around the world in just one week is complicated, right?

On the other hand, they already saw it in previous courses, however, The use of uppercases it is a rule that usually costs them a lot. Therefore, it is worth continuing with dictations like these to deepen the use of words that are capitalized.

27 Peter the dog and Zafra the grasshopper play in the city of Oblivion.

28 In Athens King Midas sings a song to be happy.

29 At Christmas the Three Wise Men come, I'm sure they bring me many gifts, what an illusion!

Finally, we propose some short poems for children to practice spelling, certain spelling rules and also concentration and memory.

30 The sea has no oranges.

not even Seville has love.

Brunette, what a firelight.

Lend me your parasol.

It will make my face green

lime and lemon juice,

your words, little fish,

they will swim around.

The sea has no oranges.

Oh Love.

Not even Seville has love!

Adelina for a walk. Federico Garcia Lorca

31 The wind is a horse:

hear him how he runs

by the sea, by the sky.

He wants to take me: listen

how the world travels

To take me away

Hide me in your arms

for tonight alone,

while the rain breaks

against the sea and the land s

or innumerable mouth.

Listen like the wind

calls me galloping

To take me away

The wind on the island. Pablo Neruda

32 My life is broken! In combat

of so many years my breath gives way,

and the proud thought down

the idea of ​​death, that haunts him.

I would like to enter into me, live with me,

to be able to make the cross on my forehead,

set apart, live devoutly.

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