Color test. Passionate and brave children are red energy

Color test. Passionate and brave children are red energy

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You notice that your child has great vitality and that he loves to put on scraps and overcome them, but at the same time you appreciate in his daily behavior that he is frequently frustrated because he is too firm and authoritative. Do you know why all this happens to him? According to him color test, your son has red energy.

Below we explain in more detail what this tool consists of to determine people's behaviors and how it can help you to know your little one more.

The colors speak of you. Yes, we have not gone crazy. According to the psychologist Carl Jung and his famous Insights model based on the color test, all people are the sum of a wide range of colors that, in one way or another, end up determining our social behavior.

While we coexist with all shades in our character there is always a color (above they have the illustration that shows it), converted into energy, which ends up becoming the leader of our personality. Jung speaks of four leaders: the red, the green, the blue and the yellow. And today we sit on the couch to discover what red is talking about.

We don't want to blush or take your colors out. What we want from is that you find out if your little one is a red energy child. Passion and joy are the two great characteristics that will speak of your personality and determine your path in life. But there is more. Do you want to discover it with us?

- They are energetic children
These little ones are very impulsive. You will rarely see them still. They always live prepared to take action and move in a determined and firm direction. They know their way and they seldom get off it, as they always keep a clear mind and an overview even in difficult situations. Their energy also makes them cheerful and spontaneous children. With them, laughter is guaranteed in the family.

- They are authoritarian children
Thanks to their strong determination, they will end up influencing those around them. Their firmness is so strong that they can end up obsessing over the results without paying attention to the path taken to achieve them. Be careful with these children! Because they will live on the tightrope of frustration. In addition, they can sometimes be very coercive and can generate some rejection. They can even be aggressive, dominant, and intolerant.

- They are brave children
Who said fear? As children of action that they are, they like risk and always bet on change. They flee from the monotony and for them every day has to be a different adventure. And the thing is, his thing is risk and constantly testing his abilities. There are no limits in their heads, just courage.

- They are ambitious children
They like competition and they always fight hard to win. These little ones with ‘red’ energy are hard-working and self-confident, with a lot of initiative and leadership skills. They know what they want and what they deserve, and they don't stop trying to get it. And the thing is, what they like the most is hanging the medals of triumph.

- They are passionate children
The 'red' children are pure fire and ardor. All the they live very intensely. When they want, they really love; but when they hate there are no worse enemies. They are very jealous of their feelings and emotions as well as being very generous and empathetic little people. Their fire leads them to reject the superficial and accessory. And it is that they always seek to deepen their relationships and leave their mark in the depths.

- They are realistic children
With them what you see is what you get. They do not trust what they cannot see and do not usually believe in what is not demonstrable or supported by science. Always with their feet firmly on the ground, they seek sincerity above all else. They don't like half measures. And since they tend to externalize everything that goes through their little heads and hearts, they end up demanding the same reciprocity from others.

In life not everything is black and white. And how he wrote Haruki Murakami: “Each person has their own color, a hue whose light only filters along the contours of the body. A kind of halo. As in the figures seen against the light ”. But have you discovered that your little one is a 'red' person?

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