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How to deal with a baby choking

How to deal with a baby choking

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No matter how many children a couple may have, they can never boast that they know everything about the care and education of babies. There is always something to learn, especially when something unexpected happens to your baby, such as a choking.

One cannot predict when a baby will choke, and when it does, not all of us are prepared to act appropriately.

A baby chokes when his airway is blocked by some food or object. In this case, what can we do? How to act in these moments of emergency? Knowing some tips on first aid could be good for all of us, especially new parents:

1. If it's a babyThe first thing you have to do is place the baby on his tummy, with his back to you, supporting his head and shoulders with your right arm. With your left hand, give five quick slaps between the baby's shoulder blades.

If that doesn't work, place the baby facing you and lay him down along your other arm. Place two fingers on the lower half of your chest and make five quick downward presses, about 2 cm. If there is no response from the baby, call the doctor while you keep trying the above techniques.

2. If it's a boy Whoever chokes, give him a short pat on the back. If he is conscious, ask him to speak, cough, or blow. If the child is unable to do so, you stand behind him, and with your hand locate the lowest rib. Move your hand across your abdomen to the central navel area and press in an upward direction in a rapid manner. Push until the child expels what was stuck in his throat.

Of course, prevention is better than cure. Babies and young children must be provided with security. They usually take everything, whatever it is, to their mouths because they still don't know how to measure the consequences. So the best thing is that you keep an eye on their toys, always have a first aid kit at home, and that your baby sits and is protected.

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