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We sing to fears. Children's story to overcome all fears

We sing to fears. Children's story to overcome all fears

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Fears are growing at the same time as children. As they get older, some of their fears disappear and they are terrified of new things. As parents, we must help them overcome all their fears and this children's story proposes an original method to instill courage in our children. Don't miss this nice childish story titled "We sing to fears" that will help children to overcome all fears.

Marta, Claudia, Pedro and Tomás were always together. What the four friends liked the most was going on adventures around town after leaving school. Each day they invented a mission: from monitoring the movements of the clouds to discovering the new hiding place for Don Herminio's black cat, the town's blacksmith. Rainy days they used to go to have lunch at Dona Virtudes' house, the oldest of the place, so that she would tell them some ancestral legend with which to discover mystical heroes and gods.

Over time and due to the fears that each one was developing, it was increasingly difficult for the four of them to play together. Claudia was afraid to jump over the rocks in the river to cross to the other shore. And although her friends cheered and cheered her to make big jumps, the little girl couldn't.

Pedro no longer wanted to climb the trees to enjoy the views and play at being the town watchmen. He was afraid of falling on the ascent. And, although they proposed to tie himself to a rope, Pedro did not climb.

Marta trembled if she had to race. He had once tripped over a small stone and now he thought it would always fall. Fear invaded him.

Thomas, who was tall and strong, I was afraid of insects, so he never wanted to go to the forest to play anymore.

Thus, because of fear, the gang rarely met in full. Dona Virtudes began to miss the joint laughter of the little ones. And that was why he devised a plan. In one of his snacks he decided teach the four children a song which he entitled "Scream for the brave." He explained that they should all sing it together whenever someone felt afraid.

Claudia managed to jump the stones of the river humming the song. Pedro repeated the refrain over and over as he climbed through the trees. Marta now managed to win all the races and be the fastest if she thought about the first time she heard "Shout for the brave." And Tomás enjoyed the tickling that the insects did to his hand as he whispered the lyrics of the song to the bugs. And the thing is, Doña Virtudes not only gave them a snack, she also taught them to discover how to overcome fears.

Did you like this story? It is a hymn to courage! The magic of this story doesn't end once you've finished reading it; you can continue enjoying it much more. Why don't you create your own song 'Scream for the brave'. You just have to invent a simple melody and some phrases that convey a lot of courage to you. It could be something like this: "Courage, champions. Because no obstacle is too great. Because we can handle everything. Because nothing scares us."

As a complementary activity, we also propose some reading comprehension questions to check that your children have understood the message of the story. You can also propose that they make you a short summary of the story. Here are the questions!

1. Why did the main characters in this story stop playing together?

2. Do you remember any of the fears they had developed?

3. What did Doña Violeta do to make them overcome all their fears?

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