Videos of Christmas recipes of desserts with fruits

Videos of Christmas recipes of desserts with fruits

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Fruit is an essential food in our children's diet, and it cannot be absent at Christmas either. Although there are many traditional desserts that we can enjoy, such as marzipan, nougat or the Christmas log, in these videos we will show you that fruits can also become delicious desserts for children at dinner or at Christmas lunch .

Take advantage of the Christmas holidays to enjoy with the children in the kitchen preparing these delicious and original fruit desserts, the best way to finish a Christmas menu for the whole family. Remember that you can also see the step by step recipesand with photos. You dare?

Kids will love both preparing and eating these fruit desserts after Christmas dinner. Easy and original recipes so that the family can finish the Christmas dinner in a healthy and exquisite way. With these videos, teaches you to prepare desserts with fruit for Christmas, Step by Step.

Christmas log recipe. We explain in this video how to make a Christmas Log easily and quickly. It is one of the most popular and traditional Christmas desserts. We explain how to do it step by step. Recipes for the dessert of Christmas dinner for children.

Christmas peach blossom. Christmas flower with fruits for children. Spend a fun Christmas with your children with this Christmas flower dessert. It's a nice presentation for fruit and will help your kids have fun in the kitchen this holiday season. A video of our site

Kiwi Christmas tree. Christmas tree, a dessert with fruits for the Christmas holidays with children. Guiainfantil offers you the recipe for an easy and very fun dessert to make with children, a Christmas tree made with kiwi, currants and strawberry. Children will suck their fingers.

Banana stick and grapes. Candy cane as a dessert with fruits for children. Guiainfantil teaches you to make this candy cane dessert with fruits for the family Christmas dessert. It is a nice idea for the little ones to eat fruit and have fun in the kitchen.

Grapes Christmas tree. Enjoy this Christmas tree dessert idea with fruits for this Christmas. With grapes, banana and chocolate you can make a Christmas tree for dessert for lunch or Christmas dinner. our site offers you recipes of desserts with fruits for the Christmas holidays.

Star skewers with handle. Christmas star skewer with fruits. Do you like this idea of ​​a star skewer with fruit for this Christmas? In this video Guiainfantil shows you how to do it so that you can enjoy this party with your children.

Banana snowmen. Snowman made with fruits for children's dessert at Christmas. Do you want to find a way for your children to eat fruit this Christmas? Guiainfantil offers you, in this video, the recipe for a Christmas fruit skewer, step by step.

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