6 tips to help children get to know each other better

6 tips to help children get to know each other better

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Self-knowledge is one of the fundamental pillars for an adequate development of Emotional Intelligence. And the benefit that this brings in the long run is extraordinary. Since we were little they teach us letters, colors and numbers…, and fortunately more and more people talk about emotions. But how can we help children get to know each other better and better?

Although self-knowledge is something that our children have to work on, parents can help them. We just have to be attentive to the way in which we address them and the foundation on which the relationship we have built rests. Here are some tips for you to help your daughters and sons in their self-knowledge.

1. Faced with a new situation or a conflict, for example, in which the child feels limited to resolve, instead of giving you the solution we can ask you how he or she thinks they can solve it. It is also important to invite him to propose several options, in this way we also contribute to his creative thinking. In addition, it is necessary to verbalize your ability to seek one or more solutions, so we help you to be aware of that ability, which like any other can be trained.

2. Faced with a failure or an unpleasant situation for him or her, it is important to be close, ask how you feel and reflect on what made you feel this way. This way you will know how we feel depending, many times, of the circumstances that occur around us, and that once we are aware of it, we have the right to feel what we feel.

3. Tell you what you have done appropriately or tell you how well you do something It is important for you to be aware of your capabilities. However, in the same way, you also have to tell him the things that he is not so good at and in which he needs to improve.

4. Ask for your opinion about something that happened at school or in the park, for example, will help you to analyze experiences in an objective way. In this way we contribute to your critical thinking. Once again we will value your opinion.

5. Play to listen to the bodyFor example, noting how the heart is before going on the end-of-year excursion, or how the stomach or hands are just before the Christmas performance. The body also gives me information and helps us to know ourselves if we become aware.

6. Make a list, together with the child, of all the members who live at home and write the foods they like and don't like, the activities or tasks they do well and those they don't, etc. From there, we must validate that list as good, as unique, since it is our family's. AND it is great to know and recognize our strengths and weaknesses.

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