Very sensitive children who cry often

Very sensitive children who cry often

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Sensitivity is an innate quality, although there are people who, due to their vital circumstances, become more sensitive over the years. It is easy to recognize a sensitive child: expresses their emotions and feelingsThey are affectionate, they demand a great deal of physical affection, they are easily moved either with a song or with a phrase or attitude that they do not expect.

Sensitive children have the value of empathy highly developed and connect with the other person's feelings without any problemEven at an age when other children are not generally empathetic at all.

Parents of sensitive children often suffer when their children experience their emotions so raw, and they worry that the blows of life will make them have worse times than other children with a stronger character. I have just seen a video that represents the sensitivity of a child in its purest form. During his birthday, his parents have hung a piñata in the shape of Spiderman, but the boy is unable to hit it to make the candies fall, can you imagine what he did?

Yes, the child prefers to hug his piñata-spiderman rather than hitting and cries inconsolably for the fear of seeing his new friend destroyed. Around him, the relatives laugh, although his mother finally chooses to hug him and take him away.

Sensitive children can go from joy to sadness almost without blinking: they laugh happily because they are going to see a movie at the cinema, but at the slightest problem for the protagonist, tears begin to roll down their cheeks.

I know the case of a very sensitive child: he cries every year when classes end, because he will not see his classmates again until the following year; cries with Disney movies in those moments when the protagonist is in trouble; he cries if he sees someone suffer and even gets emotional when his grandfather gives him a tip for having done a job well because he prefers that he keep it for his expenses. It is touching to see him react, but also complicated, because you know that he will face difficult situations and will have to strengthen himself not to sink, but how?

- We can help you de-dramatize situations that tend to turn into tragedy.

- Strengthen your internal security.

- Stimulating him so that he can develop defense strategies against the attacks of others, either ignoring them or facing them with courage.

- Never laugh at him and tell him he's a crybaby, or ridicule him.

- Don't hold back your emotions, it is preferable to let him express himself and vent.

- Do not overprotect him excessively

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