The Day of the hospitalized child

The Day of the hospitalized child

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There are many good reasons to celebrate a day. And very good reasons for all of us, united, to celebrate that day: a day for mothers. Another for parents. A day for the fight against cancer. There are days for practically everything: the day of the turtle, the day of the egg, the day of the bicycle ... of the hospitalized child?

As incredible as it may seem to us, there is not a day, as such, that commemorates the work of all the professionals who dedicate their lives to these children: doctors, nurses, entertainers, psychologists ... and of course, a day that honors everyone these children who demonstrate their tremendous strength, courage and mettle day after day.

There is nothing more incredible and motivating than a sick child who smiles. A child that despite all the ordeals that he is going through, keep dreaming about life, believing in her, struggling to get out of the tunnel, without breaking down, without giving up, getting up day after day. There is no better teacher of life than a hospitalized child, that little person who gives us a real life lesson, patiently overcoming obstacles from his weaknesses.

For this reason, all these children deserve a tribute, a day in which all our thoughts, affection and our kisses go to them and to all the people who accompany them on their way. Kisses and more kisses, that is what is intended to be sent to hospitalized children on this day. Hospitals and non-profit associations such as Fundación Theodora (entertainers who visit hospitalized children to make them smile) or Abracadabra (solidarity magicians who go from hospital to hospital to entertain the little ones), Menudos Corazones Foundation, Aladina, Small Wish ... everyone unites to ask May 13 commemorate the Day of the Hospitalized Child. Why on May 13? Because it was also on May 13 when the resolution of the Charter of the Rights of the Hospitalized Child was issued in front of the European Parliament.

Because if there is anything that can truly cure a hospitalized child, it is love.

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