Types of communion suits for boys

Types of communion suits for boys

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For the children, the day of their First Communion It is a very important date on the calendar, which you only live once in your life. Therefore, it is necessary that we carefully choose your style for this day in question, since the photos will always remain to be remembered.

Although girls find a greater variety of costumes and styles when dressing for this religious matter, there are also several options for boys who do the First Communion.

To begin with, we must be clear that there are two basic options for dressing children, which are the ones that we must look at and then make the style variations depending on our child in the First Communion:

- Sailor model: It is the most classic, but certainly one of the styles most chosen by children, and also by parents. It is the most innocent style, and of course the most comfortable for children, who will not stand still all day.

- Captain model: For many parents this is overkill, but others find it really cute. The kids are mini-captains dressed in this style, which we can even decorate with a cap so that children feel even more involved in the role. In addition, it gives an elegant air and is recommended for children with a stronger complexion.

- Other options: The variations that we can choose from both styles may have to do with color or shape. Regarding tonality, we can think of a blue or white color, taking into account that both are combined with each other in both styles, or think of a single color suit. Also, not all children have to be the same, and we can give our child that fun touch by thinking about some bermuda instead of fully long pants.

This will not detract from its elegance, since the fabric is the same as the jacket in the case of the captain, or the part of the superior sailor. This way you can also wear the shoes, who can be nautical or Castilian, and wear a different type of suit from the others.

Once we have chosen the one that best suits the child, we can think about the style that suits the child the most, since wearing sailor or from captain It depends on the build of the boy, as well as the cut.

As for the ornaments, beyond the footwear, which we can choose in a neutral color such as chocolate brown, which will go with any of the styles - full white, white and blue, blue and white, or completely navy blue - there are more ornaments for our son's style.

- Tie: Especially for those who are dressed as captain, wearing a tie is a must under the vest. We can choose it in the same color as the suit -in ink blue or off-white-, or take risks with the colors that always work, such as burgundy or even bottle green. Risky, but different.

- A bow tie:If our son is not exactly conventional, then we can help him make a difference with a bow tie. If it also has a colorful color, it will not go unnoticed.

- A vest: Especially for children who are dressed as captain, it is necessary that there is a garment that holds the shirt where we will put the tie or bow tie before the jacket. Therefore, we can think of a vest that matches the straps or buttons of the suit itself: blue, gold, white ...

- Some twins: This is a classic and simple ornament, but certainly very useful. Wearing cufflinks on the wrist in the First Communion certainly gives a special touch.

- A flower on the lapel: To fall into the romance of the day, nothing better than a carnation on the lapel of the suit.

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