Become a breast milk donor

Become a breast milk donor

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Milk banks are places, usually clinics or hospitals, where breast milk that generous and altruistic mothers have donated for other babies who cannot obtain it from their own mothers is preserved. The donation is voluntary and totally free, both for the one who gives it and for the one who receives it.

A few years ago I met the charismatic Joao Aprigio Guerra de Almeida, coordinator of the Brazilian Network and the Ibero-American Program of Human Milk Banks, who has devoted his life to the creation of breast milk banks to save the lives of newborns, who cannot receive it from their mothers. The altruistic donation of nursing mothers is essential to nurture these banks of liquid gold.

Joao Aprigio He explained to me the important role that the Brazilian fire department played in the collection and transfer of breast milk from homes to milk banks for pasteurization and the healthy benefits that all this effort had on newborns, and on babies. premature and low birth weight babies.

With the narration of his experience in Brazil, which now has more than 300 banks of breast milk, Joao has been making a deep impression on the many professionals and medical, pediatric and gynecological care coordinators, midwives and media journalists.

In Spain there are some milk banks distributed in the different regions, while in Europe this service is widely implemented.

If you are breastfeeding your baby and would like to do something for other newborns, think no more. You can go to your health center or the information services in your region to find out where you can donate breast milk.

With the donation of your breast milk you will be helping to save the lives of the most defenseless beings of the human race, the premature or underweight who need to benefit from this milk with medicinal properties because it provides digestive enzymes, minerals, vitamins, hormones and valuable antibodies that help the baby to overcome infections.

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