The danger of posting photos of our children on social networks

The danger of posting photos of our children on social networks

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Do you share photos of your children on social networks? Did you post photos of the first ultrasound, the first tooth, a family vacation or a child's birthday? Most parents, at some point we have uploaded a photo of our baby, either for family members or friends who are far away to see it or, as Nora Rodríguez says in the book 'Educating children and adolescents in the digital age', because We hope that others will write us a comment, always positive, about our children.

Recently, a friend on my Facebook account posted photos of her son in the hospital after an operation. The fact seemed surprising to me, especially because the mother works within justice. His intention was to show his surroundings that his son had come out of the operation well and that he was recovering, however, I suppose did not think that this photo could leave the scope of that social network without major problems.

There are several recommended reasons not to expose our children on social media:

- Morphing: It is a practice according to which some people copy photos taken from the Internet and make a photo montage with a pornographic photograph. It would be dramatic to find such a montage with our son.

- Have you thought if your child would like you to show those images? Perhaps you are doing a fun dance for your parents in the privacy of your home and you don't like that this video goes beyond the family barrier.

- Some social networks share ownership of the photos published with whoever shares them, despite the fact that this fact is often unknown since almost no one reads the conditions of use.

- Many times, those photos are not shared correctly and they can be seen not only by our friends or family members, but also by those friends of our friends and in turn their friends.

In any case and despite everything, if you decide to publish a photo of your children on your social networks, keep these security measures in mind:

- Verify that your profile is private and not public.

- Read the conditions of use of the social network to know what type of permissions you are granting.

- Even if your profile is private, it only authorizes access to the children's photos to selected people and not to all those added to the network.

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