Crying baby indicates good health

Crying baby indicates good health

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While in the western world the crying of the baby tends to calm down, calm down and shut up with food, body heat, movement, arms, the mother's song ..., the Orientals, who do not stop surprising us, provoke the crying of the baby because according to their culture and, more specifically according to a Japanese proverb, the crying child grows healthier.

The tradition of causing the baby to cry It is based on the popular belief that the healthiest baby cries the loudest. This belief has been upheld for over 400 years in the ancient tradition of Naki Sumo, also known as Nakizumo or Konaki Sumo Festival. Currently, the crying baby party is still celebrated in different parts of the country, although the best known is the one that takes place next to the Sensoji temple, in the Asakusa district of Tokyo.

On the fourth Sunday of April, parents take their children under one year of age to the temple for a giant man, a sumo wrestler, to hold their baby in his arms and swing him from one side to the other with the aim that the baby cries. Thus, these babies, in the arms of unfamiliar plumps, participate in a competition in which an average of one hundred children participate each year. A judge in traditional Japanese clothing yells at them 'Naki! Naki! ' (Cry! Cry!), While the wrestler swings them. The winner is the one who makes the first sound of crying and when there is a tie, the one who makes it stronger wins. If the tie continues close, the Japanese use faces or masks of oni, a demonic creature of Japanese folklore, to scare the babies and cause them to cry.

And it is that the crying of the baby also has powers for the Japanese. The baby's sobs serve to attract luck and drive away evil spirits. And although for the rest of the world this tradition so much of hers is somewhat curious, all parents must recognize that the crying of our baby, although it upsets us, sometimes also serves to relax us and relieve concerns about the health of our child.

Thus, when a baby is born crying at the top of his lungs, parents consider it to be a good sign that indicates health at the time of birth, and relieves tension after delivery. Hearing the baby cry is a sign of life, vitality, good health ... and in addition, gynecologists and midwives often comment on the good lungs that the newborn has as a demonstration that he breathes correctly, his heart works and his vital signs begin to work. However, when the baby's cry is weak at birth, it is often a cause for concern. The absence of crying or a too weak cry of the baby at the time of birth usually alerts the neonatologist, which makes the first examination in search of a health problem.

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