How many homework should the children do?

How many homework should the children do?

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Does a child perform better than does more homework? Get better grades? These are the questions asked by those responsible for a study that is giving a lot to talk about. Researchers from the Oviedo University (Spain), have published their results in the scientific journal Journal of Educational Psychology. The big conclusion: one hour of homework a day is enough and alone, without parental help.

These data are for children around 13 years of age. Obviously, the younger the children, the less homework they have to do per day. What does hold up, firmly, is the fact that let the children do their homework on their own.

Perhaps it is the most controversial data .... Do you help your child do homework? Experts say it is counterproductive. Children must learn to focus and solve their school problems on their own, and go to their parents only when in doubt. What parents should never do is do their children's homework. Even if it is the fastest. In fact, the study reveals that children who do their homework alone obtain better academic results.

Another piece of information provided by this study is the time that children should spend doing homework. Perhaps we tend to think that the more exercises at home, the better the results at school. This is not like this. After the 90 minutes invested in the study, the performance drops. Ideally, they should dedicate at most one hour a day to school exercises. In the case of primary school children (6 to 12), the time spent on homework should be much less. At first, experts say, just an approach to get used to the routine.

And it is normal. Children spend many hours at school. Then they have extracurricular activities. When they get home, they have to do their homework. And when do they play? What time do they have left to have fun? And there is a subject, that of play and fun, which should be part of their tasks every day.

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