The fox and the grapes. Fables in English for Children

The fox and the grapes. Fables in English for Children

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Fox and the grapes whose translation is The Fox and the Grapes, is a fable in English that tries to teach children that sometimes we strive to achieve something but we do not achieve it, although we always have to try.

Fables are short stories with a moral starring mainly animals. Writers like Aesop, Samaniego or La Fontaine have written the best-known fables of all time.

It was a very hot and sunny afternoon. A fox, which had been hunting the whole day, was very thirsty. 'How I wish there was some water,' the fox thought to himself.

Just then, he saw bunches of fat and juicy grapes hanging from a vine above his head. The grapes looked ripe and ready to burst with juice.

'Oh my! Oh my! ' the fox said as his mouth began to water. 'Sweet grape juice, quench my thirst!'

The fox stood on tiptoe and stretched as high as he could, but the grapes were out of his reach. Not about to give up, the fox walked back a short distance and took a running leap at the grapes. Again, he could not reach the grapes.

The fox jumped and leapt, again and again, but each time he could not reach the grapes. Until, at last, the fox was tired and thirstier than ever. 'What a fool I am!' said the fox furiously. 'These grapes are sour and not fit for eating. Why would I want them anyway? '


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