Mother's day cards. Children's crafts

Mother's day cards. Children's crafts

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Mother's Day arrives, a very special date in which the protagonists are they, the most important people in the children's lives: the moms. To celebrate we propose some fun crafts for children.

With these homework crafts children can make beautiful custom greeting postcards. Because for mothers there is no more special gift than the one that shows the love of our children.

The Mother's Day celebrate the unique bond that binds moms and kids. Since pregnancy, this special relationship has been forging. The history of this day is one of the oldest, a celebration dating back to classical Greece, where homage was paid to Rhea, the mother of the gods. Since the 19th century, the festival has become official, generally being celebrated every year in the first week of May or nearby dates, with exceptions such as Argentina that does it in October.

Take this opportunity to surprise her with a breakfast in bed, take care of the kitchen preparing a special Mother's Day menu or sharing a nice movie. And if you are looking for a gift for mom, we suggest that you make one of these beautiful cards.

Crafts for children are the best gift for Mother's Day, a personalized detail that will make them never forget this occasion. That's why here are some happy proposals for postcards for mothers, simple to do with children.

Poppies card. Mother's Day is a unique occasion to show moms how much we love them with this poppy card, an easy and beautiful children's craft.

Magic card for Mother's Day. We teach you to make a very original card to give to mom, it is a magical card for Mother's Day. Follow our video tutorial and our step by step to learn how to make this craft for children very easily.

Card with tulip. On our site we teach you how to make a card with a tulip to give to mom. The cards are a good gift for Mother's Day, a simple and colorful craft for children like this tulip postcard.

Flower card with photo. To celebrate Mother's Day you can make this flower photo card, a simple craft for children and a nice gift for moms.

Card with bluebells. Bouquets of flowers are a very common gift for moms on Mother's Day. A more economical and durable option is this bluebell bouquet card craft

Card with cupcake. On our site we teach you how to make a cupcake card to congratulate mom. Crafts for children are very fun and can be a great gift for Mother's Day, like this cute card with a cupcake, an easy craft.

Card with flower. A craft for children. Flower card with cupcake molds for children to give on Mother's Day. Children's crafts to give to mom. Homemade cards with message.

Chick card. Moms are the most important people in children's lives, and they deserve a good gift like this Chick with Hearts card, a simple craft for children.

Card with pot of hearts. Card or cardboard postcard to make with the children. our site invites us to make a craft with the children of a very special gift card, with a pot full of flowers in the shape of a heart to show the love we feel on Mother's Day.

Card with medal. Moms give their children their care and love every day, that's why on Mother's Day we can give them this craft of a medal card for mom.

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