Dream about the sea. How to interpret childhood dreams

Dream about the sea. How to interpret childhood dreams

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Be Oceanfront it is something that practically everyone likes. Hear the waves, feel the breeze from the Beach, getting your feet wet in the water ... is something quite recurrent on vacation, and the main preferred resting destination.

Therefore, since as a general rule a paradisiac place is related to the sea in our real dreams, it is quite common for this image to also appear in Our dreams, whether we are adults or in the case of children. But what symbolism does this dream keep when it is in the sleeping mind of a child?

Although it is a very common dream for both children and adults, this does not diminish its importance in terms of its symbolism and meaning, in fact quite the opposite. The dreams with the sea They are closely linked to life itself, and to the origin. The sea is the child's refuge, since the water itself is related to the amniotic fluid in which it was protected during the pregnancy.

The relationship between the child and his mother begins from gestation, and that is why in the dream in which the sea appears in the foreground, he speaks of that special moment that underlies their union from the nine months of pregnancy and when the child is finally born.

For this reason, the dream of a child related to sea water has to do precisely with that maternal protection, since it speaks of the beginning, of the origin of life. It is the child's way of connecting with their emotions, which because they are young does not mean that they have to be small, since it depends on each person.

The sea symbolizes eternity and emotional imprint that can relate the child to his positive emotions. Although it will depend on the child's real relationship with his mother, the moment of protection and serenity that he lives in the dream makes him connect with the best things that the child has inside him.

The resting place that the child finds is the beach, since in the symbolism of dreams we can discover that relaxation and connection with the mother figure, which will give him a peace and a positive relationship with her, with himself and with the emotions that he encounters throughout life.

If our son dreams of the sea, he will have a good maternal relationship based on harmony.

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