Stories strengthen ties between parents and children

Stories strengthen ties between parents and children

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Since they are little I read stories to my children. Transporting them to the world of fantasy and imagination has always been very rewarding for me and very enriching for them.

Through the stories of the characters in the stories, questions, conversations, similar real-life situations and even new stories that I have invented myself have emerged with the same common thread.

So, for example, when we are waiting in the pediatrician's waiting room or we are in traffic, my son always asks me to tell him a story and I make it up. Sometimes, I ask him to choose the character and from there situations come to mind that I spin one after another. Others, I do versions of stories that we have already read and I love when he tells me, no, that is not the case, because he remembers the original version. So, I encourage him to think about an alternative situation that could have happened at that moment in the story of the story and our imagination is weaving a parallel story, full of new anecdotes, always funny.

Between versions of stories and original narratives, by now, I will have told dozens of stories to my children. It doesn't take the imagination of Mrs. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, to fuel children's imaginations and have fun for a while every day. Just by encouraging reading and encouraging the habit of telling stories at night, all parents can be excellent storytellers that make our children happy.

And so there will come a day, when they will tell you, I read the story today and you can reverse the roles. Being on the other side is also beautiful, the stumbling reading of the first attempts, the pauses and interruptions of when he remembers something and the comments on the drawings or illustrations take on more prominence than when you read and the story lasts longer, but the experience is highly enriching when the routine changes.

And is that telling a story is much more than reading or narrating. It is to dedicate a special time to your child every day, it is to be with him, to think with him, to talk with him, to have the opportunity to create a climate of trust that is watered by the day to day, and that lays the foundations of a deep relationship. Stories feed friction and, as the saying goes, affection is born from friction and, although it seems that between parents and children, that love is born by itself, in practice we all know that if we nurture it it germinates.

Marisol New. Editor of our site

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