Laughter therapy at home and with children

Laughter therapy at home and with children

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Playing with our children reveals aspects that we would never have imagined, both for them and for us. Laughing together, and getting closer to their world helps us understand them much better. After all, laughing together is also a way of communicating. Practice the family laughter therapy it is simple and has multiple benefits.

When we laugh or do a laughter therapy session we experience a strong rise in endorphins that relaxes our muscles, disinhibits us, overcoming shyness and causing us to jump the barrier of ridicule that our mind imposes on us, but that the heart surpasses. Endorphins are substances (endogenous opioid peptides) that our body makes naturally and that produce a feeling of well-being. For this reason, endorphins are also called the "hormones of happiness", and have endless benefits as important as strengthening the immune system or making us more optimistic. The production of endorphins is not continuous, that is why it must be stimulated, so we invite you to do a laughter therapy session.

Today, due to our rhythm of life, we forget about family games. It is common for children to entertain themselves with children's television channels, the Internet, the Wii, the Xbox ... electronic games that have nothing to do with traditional ones. These are some of the reasons why we lack family communication without distractions, moments of leisure to laugh out loud. Thus, we can organize a family laugh therapy session:

1. If it is viable, we invite grandparents, uncles, cousins ​​... to our closest family, how many more participants, the more fun!
We can start making crafts with a nice invitation created by ourselves: for example, on a small cardboard we cut out of a magazine animals and on their heads we place a photo of our passport, and write: “Something is wrong in this house and there is no We know what it is. Do you notice something strange? We invite you to discover it. "And we attach the day and time ... and we send notification, via e-mail, mail, fax ...

2. We prepare our living room, since the more free it is of objects, the better. Games sometimes require space, and in this way we avoid small household accidents such as broken objects, trips and falls.

3. We recommend comfortable, light clothing, with which you can lie on the ground freely, without fear of damaging it and, above all, that it does not oppress you.

As we already know each other, formal introductions are not necessary, but yes, we can invent a character and change the personality. Once the presentation is done, the round of games comes. This is one of many we can do:

We stand in a circle, and the one who starts the game passes to the one on his right the most outlandish grimace that comes to mind, and the one to the side, so on until he reaches the first one. One by one we go through the round of ridiculous gestures and I can assure you that the laughter is guaranteed, and as you know, laughter is contagious, and it produces a drunken happiness.

At the end of the home laughter therapy session, we will be overwhelmed by an enormous feeling of peace, affection and relaxation, with the taste of human contact on the skin. As adults we are children again, and they show themselves as they are, without concealment or shame, enjoying at the same time some adults who are now at the same level, empathizing with them.

This direct and pleasant contact stirs feelings within our being that we thought were lost, and all this just with dedicating a Sunday afternoon and trying to see what happens. The results are amazing.

Logically it is easier with the guidance of a therapist, who follows the appropriate guidelines and the dynamics of the game, avoiding pauses and lapses such as "what do we do now? I can't think of anything" and the flame of fun goes out. It is good to go to one of these laughter therapy sessions and learn the dynamics to try to reproduce it at home, as a homework or reminder.The therapist will tell us how to do it and then we will tell you about the experience.

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Doula Childcare and Gynecological Nursing
Obstetric and Gynecology Physiotherapy
Specialist Technician in Hypopressive Gymnastics and Chiromassage
Director of the ALMA MATER DOULA Maternal and Child Support Center

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