Persephone and the four seasons. Short captions for kids

Persephone and the four seasons. Short captions for kids

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The ancient Greeks explained some phenomena of nature with legends of the Greek mythology. Persephone, Demeter and Hades are the protagonists of this short story that explains how the four seasons arose.

Demeter She was the goddess of the earth, of agriculture and she was the one who decided the passing of the seasons. Based on the time he spent with his beloved daughter, Persephone, spring gave way to summer, summer to autumn and, finally, winter.

There was a time when the whole year was spring. The goddess Demeter it provided year-round fields full of crops, flowers in gardens, trees full of fruit, and radiant sunshine. But one fine day ended that eternal spring. It was when the god of the underworld, Hades, he kidnapped his daughter Persephone and Demeter was enraged. It happened like this.

Demeter he was walking calmly through a forest when suddenly he heard a cry from his daughter Persephone. Demeter ran to help her but she didn't have time because when she got to her, she saw how Hades He was taking her in his chariot to his underground kingdom, a place they said could never leave. Demeter He was enraged and asked the rest of the gods for help to get his daughter out of there, but they were all very afraid of Hades as if to ask for explanations.

-Well, if you don't help me get my daughter back Persephone, you are going to find out -said enraged Demeter. Then she crossed her arms and stopped working as a goddess of nature. The fields dried up, the leaves of the trees fell, there were no flowers in the gardens and the sun did not pass through. No one had food to eat and people were starving. So the rest of the gods had no choice but to act.

They called the god of the underworld, Hades, so that he would come to the surface in his car and they all had a conversation.

- Hades, you have to return to Persephone - the gods told him - because Demeter he is very sad and does not want to work. People are starving and all the fields have dried up.

- Persephone he will not return, he said Hades- because you can only get out of the underworld with my permission. And also live happily with me.

The negotiation seemed difficult, but in the end between all the gods they convinced Hades to let out Persephone during 6 months a year. That time he could spend with his mother Demeter and then I would go back to him. Hades agreed and let Persephone out.

Demeter's joy at seeing her daughter again made everything flourish again, the fruit trees, the vegetables in the orchards, the wheat in the fields. Then came spring filling the whole world with color and joy. Spring gave way to summer when Demeter and Persephone basked in the hot sun on the beach.

But alas, Persephone had to return to Hades soon. Every year, Persephone returned to the underworld and Demeter became so sad that the leaves of the trees fell, giving way to fall. And the more time passed without her daughter, Demeter began to shiver from the cold and thus came winter. But since life is a cycle, finally, spring always comes.

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