Babymoon. A romantic trip before giving birth

Babymoon. A romantic trip before giving birth

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When your first child is born, you close the last page of a book and start another. Nothing is ever the same again. The weekly visits to the cinema and the theater, the meetings of friends without a curfew, the impromptu trips are over; Naps, daily reading, sparkling baths with candles are over, and above all, that first stage of falling in love with your partner is over.

Many future moms and dads who sense what is coming, decide to take a break before the baby arrives and share a last moment of relaxation alone. Their romantic getaway is called 'babymoon'.

Some parents who cling to this Babymoon are first-time parents. Others do not. There are couples who already have a first child and take advantage of this second honeymoon to rest, prepare and reconnect with their partner. Because let's not kid ourselves, once you have children, your partner is no longer the epicenter of all your thoughts and it is a relationship that sometimes you even neglect.

The objective is very clear: share a few romantic days before being trapped forever in the whirlpool of the children's world, the maddening crying, the constant diaper changes, the endless sleepless nights ... So around the second trimester of pregnancy (the best moment of the pregnant woman, because she can still move freely and no longer have those annoying nausea at the beginning), the couple pack their bags and look for an idyllic place, away from the madding crowd. The beach, the mountains, a quiet town ... any place will be perfect.

Some couples prefer to rest. Others, discover together some unexplored place. There are couples who seek to reactivate their feelings, and others who just want to spend a few quiet days, away from shopping for bodysuits, booties, and baby seats.

It's funny how a term that was used to refer to something totally different has evolved. The word 'babymoon' was first used by a maternity anthropologist more than 15 years ago. He was referring to those early days when parents seem to fall in love with their baby.. The meaning has completely changed. I don't know if it will be because we finally know that that first moment of infatuation is not so real, and it is that those first days with the baby at home dismantle any idyll. I do not know of any father or mother who assures that the first days after the birth of their child turned out to be just what they expected.

So now you know, if you are going to have a baby, pack your suitcase and find a good destination. There are many travel companies that offer special babymoon packages. It can be a last and excellent opportunity to return to the world of adults.

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