The best recipes of the grandmothers

The best recipes of the grandmothers

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Learn to prepare the most traditional dishes


The most traditional Christmas nougat is this, the Jijona nougat. It is made with toasted almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts and is soft and very sweet on the palate. Learn how to make your own homemade nougat with this simple and delicious recipe and use it to accompany marzipan and polvorones.

The Jijona nougat recipe step by step HERE

If you want the recipe for a simple food to make and that everyone usually likes, here is the recipe for the traditional Spanish potato omelette. But for the omelette to be good, you have to follow the wise advice of the cooks who really have more experience: the grandmothers.

The recipe for the traditional potato omelette step by step HERE

Torrijas are a typical sweet of the Easter season, but they can be eaten at any time of the year. They are very simple to make and you don't need a lot of time or many ingredients. Only bread, milk, eggs, lemon, sugar, honey, cinnamon and oil for frying.

The recipe for granny's torrijas step by step HERE

If you are looking for a light and nutritious dish, here is one that will be very easy to prepare. It is a perfect food for children's dinner and very tasty thanks to the ham. You can also use it for children who do not usually eat vegetables. Perhaps with this dish they will dare to try them.

The recipe for the vegetable soup with ham step by step HERE

If there is something that children like, those are sweets. Have you tried giving them a fried donut? They love! Here you have a simple and very traditional recipe, inherited from the grandmothers, so that you can prepare a snack or a different breakfast for the children.

Grandma's donut recipe happened HERE

A very complete and nutritious dish, with legumes and that is very typical of the Galician area. The Galician grandmothers teach us to prepare a stew with white beans, blood sausages, sausages, cabbages and potatoes. A traditional stew with a high caloric intake, highly recommended for cold season.

Grandma's Galician pot recipe step by step HERE

A dish that is very typical of Holy Week and that is passed from generation to generation. It is nutritious, very complete and balanced, since it combines legumes, vegetables and fish in the same dish. You will need chickpeas, white beans, spinach, cod, tomato, and onion.

The recipe for chickpea stew with cod step by step HERE

Only grandmothers are able to get a yellow rice with agarradito or socarrat, as they say in the land where paella originates from (Valencia). If you want to try to make one of the most typical dishes of Spain, here is a traditional recipe. Also, children love rice.

The traditional paella recipe step by step HERE

We propose you a very cheap and easy to prepare dish. The only thing you will need is bread, bacon, chorizo, garlic, oil and paprika. You will see that with these ingredients you will be able to prepare a very tasty dish that is typical of a region of Spain, Extremadura.

The recipe for Extremaduran crumbs step by step HERE

Many children tend to have problems eating vegetables. Maybe if you prepare them this way, they will lose the fear of trying them. It is a very light dish and provides a lot of fiber and vitamins. Among other vegetables, you will need peas, artichokes, and carrots.

The recipe for grandma's vegetable stew step by step HERE

Do you have trouble getting your children to eat fruit? Try the roasted apple. It is sweet and will seem like a treat. It is a very simple traditional recipe to make and even if it contains a little alcohol, there is no problem, because it evaporates during baking.

The recipe for roasted apples step by step HERE

It is sweet, squishy ... and they are delicious! Muffins are that typical dessert that everyone likes. It is also very versatile, because they can be filled and decorated in a thousand ways. Here we propose the most traditional recipe, the same as always, the one that only grandmothers know and use.

Grandma's cupcake recipe step by step HERE

A good gazpacho provides many vitamins and is a fresh and balanced dessert. To make gazpacho you need a lot of tomatoes, but also peppers, cucumbers, onion, bread, garlic, and olive oil. It is a very typical dish from southern Spain. The Andalusian grandmothers are the ones who teach us this recipe.

The Andalusian gazpacho recipe step by step HERE

One of the desserts that children like the most is flan. And there are many ways to do it: chocolate, vanilla, cheese ... The grandmothers teach us this traditional recipe for egg custard, industrial and delicious. They are made in the oven and then you have to let them cool before taking it.

Grandma's egg flan recipe step by step HERE

What are the children's favorite dishes? Sure, many answer spaghetti or macaroni and tomato. If you also want the spaghetti to be nutritious, add minced meat and you will get a fantastic unique dish. The grandmothers teach us how to make good spaghetti Bolognese.

The recipe for spaghetti Bolognese step by step HERE

The dumplings are very versatile. They can be used as a second course or as an aperitif. They can be made in many ways, but the most classic, the grandmother's recipe, includes tuna and in some cases, hard-boiled egg. Here we offer you one of the most traditional tuna dumplings recipes.

The recipe for tuna dumplings step by step HERE

Empanadas are a balanced food that children tend to like because they are very easy to eat. They can be filled with anything, but the most traditional empanadas, those of the Galician grandmothers, are these. You need to make the dough and bake. The trick is usually to get a good thin, tender and crunchy dough.

The recipe for the Galician empanada step by step HERE

The trick to a good croquette is to get a smooth and tasty béchamel. And nobody like grandmothers for that. Croquettes are a delicious and perfect food for children. They can be made from meat, fish, or egg. But the most traditional are these, the ham croquettes.

The recipe for ham croquettes step by step HERE

Perhaps at first glance they are mistaken for custard, but they have nothing to do with it. Catalan cream is made with a pastry cream made from egg yolks. It provides a lot of proteins and is a sweet that both children and adults usually like a lot.

The Catalan cream recipe step by step HERE

The most typical dish of the capital of Spain is the Madrid stew. It is a very complete dish, which provides many nutrients and a high caloric content. It is very typical of autumn and winter. You will need chickpeas, blood sausage, chorizo, chicken, blood sausage, ham bone, potatoes, carrots and cabbage.

The Madrid stew recipe step by step HERE

Cannelloni are one of the favorite dishes of children. And nobody like the grandmothers to give us advice on how to make them. It is not very complicated and you will get the children to scrape the plate. It is also a very nutritious dish that can be eaten as a single dish.

The recipe for the meat cannelloni step by step HERE

Children like rice. They also like sweets. So the most normal thing is that they enjoy this dish so typical of the grandmothers. Nobody like them to get that magic point of soft texture to rice pudding. We suggest you get a fantastic rice pudding with this recipe.

Grandma's rice pudding recipe step by step HERE

The cod fritters are one of the most typical dishes of the grandmother. However, here we offer you a version so that you can adapt it to celiac children. The traditional recipe of the grandmothers of cod fritters but without gluten so that they can eat them without problems.

The recipe for gluten-free cod fritters step by step HERE

The meatballs are laborious, but the result is delicious afterwards. Children love meatballs with tomato, and they are one of the most typical grandmother recipes. If you don't have a lot of time, you can make a lot of them, freeze them, and then fry them when you're going to serve them. proposes an easy and very rich recipe to make for children.

The recipe for meatballs with tomato step by step HERE

There is nothing like a good homemade custard. They are smooth, creamy and delicious. Many grandmothers decorate them with a cinnamon stick. Others prefer to add a round cookie that floats like a boat. Here you have one of the desserts that children like the most.

The grandmother's custard recipe step by step HERE

A very inexpensive and easy to make recipe is bread soup, a traditional line that our grandmothers have left us. You only need bread, garlic, onion, parsley, white butter, cane bone and egg. You will see how simple and how tasty this dish is that you will prepare in less than an hour.

The recipe for the bread soup step by step HERE

If you want to succeed with children, here is this dish that everyone likes, as well as being very economical. The smell of this stew reminds us of traditional kitchens, the kitchens of grandmothers. You don't need many ingredients, just chicken thighs, garlic, lemon, wine, and olive oil.

The garlic chicken recipe step by step HERE


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