A father's vacation with his autistic daughter

A father's vacation with his autistic daughter

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Many children like to play with papers, keep things in order, enjoy snacks prepared by grandparents, birthday parties, being surrounded by people they like, and simple things like drinking a soda With gas. Maria likes all that too. If it weren't for the autism that she was diagnosed with when she was 8 years old and for the constant stares of strangers at her peculiar behavior, this 12-year-old girl could enjoy everything in a much more natural way, without reproaches or questioning. of others.

Maria is unique, like anyone else. Like all people with autism, she has difficulty interacting with others, avoids looking into the eyes, tends to have fits of laughter, is obsessed with some types of play, does the same thing over and over again, does not usually express her needs , and is not always willing to receive physical signs of affection, even if it is a loving person.

Maria is extremely sensitive and that is precisely why we have to respect her way of being. If we come across a child with autism or some other dysfunction or disability, let us monitor our reaction. Let's not look surprised, astonished or angry. Any bad gesture can hurt children with these disorders. They won't feel good if we fail them or we answer them and look intolerant.

El mundo de María, her day to day, facts, and anecdotes, is published in the book Maria and I, the work of his father, the cartoonist and illustrator Miguel Gallardo, in a fun, cute, exciting and somewhat hooligan way, as he himself admits. The book is the result of Maria's vacation with her father, to the Canary Islands.

They communicate through drawings, through stories that they build together. The book talks about their laughs, the hotels, the people, what they eat, and fundamentally the affection and complicity that father and daughter share. Gallardo wrote the book for María, for being the way she is. He also wrote it for mothers and fathers who share the same experience and circumstance..

The book is for those who love and love Maria, and also for the rest of the people who do not know her, including those who do not understand and do not accept to share the world with autistic children. Ignorance can be very unfair.

Maria and I he has a blog, and the book is published in Spanish and Catalan.

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