Books with stories for children about parents or dads

Books with stories for children about parents or dads

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The role of parents in the lives of children is essential for their good development and emotional, physical and intellectual growth. It is also in their learning and education. Dads are for their children, a symbol of security, trust, and examples. To stimulate this emotional bond between children and parents, we offer you a selection of books on the relationship between children and parents. Do not miss it!

Calleja Rico, Susana

Clueless, sleepy, clumsy, forgetful, big hands ... But then, why are dads so special and wonderful? An ideal book for those who sometimes forget how much they love their dad! and how much he loves them! Who said that family relationships are not wonderful? With enough humor and lots of love, they will remind you how much they love you! and how much you love them!

Coralie Saudo, Kris di Giacomo

The father of the boy in this book is big and strong. However, he has a small weakness: at night he does not want to go to sleep. Protest, linger, ask one story after another, and make up a thousand excuses not to be left alone in the room. Will this child be able to tuck in his dad and turn off the light?

A story told in the first person by the child, with a lighthearted and sparkling language, wrapped in a fun, original and modern aesthetic concept.
This album will perform better than any repetitive adult tune even with the most reluctant to sleep. And who knows ... Maybe a parent with insomnia will also adopt it as a bedside book!

Gina Samba, Marta Dansa

Each child will be able to draw, write, paste photos and paint this accordion book to make it a personalized gift for their father.

A perfect lifelong gift for the recipient, as well as a creative adventure for the recipient.

Dora heldt

Dora Heldt, the best-selling author in Germany, lands in Spain to publish with Editorial Planeta Vacations with Dad, an intelligent and original story about relationships with parents that no daughter should stop reading. As in her previous books, the success of this author lies in the empathy that the reader feels towards the characters, the identification with everyday family situations and relationships that develop, as well as the touch of humor with which they are drawn.

Miron Shlomit

My Pacifier and Daddy's Pacifier is a book that deals with with great sensitivity, humor and empathy the intricate relationships between a father, who is supposed to be the character of identification and learning, and the child who observes very carefully the way his father You face the process of quitting a habit you want to get rid of. The story emphasizes the difficulties of the process of leaving addiction behind and the mutual help that father and son give to each other. There are many universal elements in this story on the subject of parent-child relationships and changes in behavior and habits. This story is especially timely for families in which smoking is relevant. I am sure that in the homes where the father or mother smoke, both parents and children will find in this book a sensitive impact on their feelings and internal struggles. This book is more than likely to foster an open dialogue between parents and children and may even provide emotional support in the process of quitting smoking. Avi Sadé, professor in the Department of Psychology, Tel Aviv University.


Various authors

Today, Mom, you gave Daddy's old chair to the school market without him knowing ... When he finds out, what will he do to get it back? A story that talks about the complicity and concern of the son for a piece of furniture that belongs to his father. A book with a very sweet story, ideal for young and curious children.

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