Our Lady of Remedies Day, October 10. Names for girls

Our Lady of Remedies Day, October 10. Names for girls

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Remedios is a name for a girl of Latin origin that means "relief", "consolation" or "cure". It is an ideal name for your girl given the strength and beauty of its meaning.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is not old-fashioned, but it sounds very familiar and has an extra distinction. It celebrates its name day on October 10, which is the day of Our Lady of Remedies.

Due to the meaning of her name, Remedios has a charismatic personality that triumphs in social relationships thanks to her sympathy, ingenuity and generosity. Her natural tendency to help others and her sense of responsibility make her a fundamental figure both within her family and within her group of friends.

The name Remedios is known throughout the world thanks to the Latin tradition, but its use is focused almost exclusively on the Spanish-speaking world and is the product of the devotion to the Virgen de los Remedios. We especially like its diminutive Reme and we can assure you that it is a forceful and distinguished name like few others.

The number of references to the name Remedios may help you to choose your baby's name, which is also used in the form of a toponym, as is the case with the popular Sevillian neighborhood of Los Remedios. But we also know a multitude of charismatic women who have carried and bear the name of your daughter.

Related to the world of flamenco we meet the cantaora Remedios Amaya and following in the artistic field, this time in painting, we meet the Hispanic-Mexican painter of surrealism, Remedios Varo. We cannot forget the model and very popular television presenter and loved by the public, Remedios Cervantes.

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